United States FCC certification

United States FCC certification

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FCC certification is a mandatory EMC certification in the United States, mainly aimed at electronic and electrical products ranging from 9KHz to 3000GHz. The content covers various aspects such as radio, communication, especially radio interference issues in wireless communication equipment and systems, including radio interference limits and measurement methods, as well as certification systems and organizational management systems. The purpose is to ensure that electronic devices do not cause interference with other electronic devices and comply with the requirements of US laws and regulations.
The meaning of FCC certification is that all electronic devices imported, sold, or provided to the US market must comply with FCC certification requirements, otherwise they will be considered illegal products. Will face penalties such as fines, confiscation of goods, or prohibition of sales.

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    When measuring the resolution of digital signal recorded images, the higher the resolution, the clearer the image. Similarly, digital audio also has its "resolution" because digital signals cannot record linear audio like analog signals, and can only make the audio curve closer to linearity. And Hi-Res is a threshold for quantifying the degree of linear restoration.

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