BTF Testing Lab Specific Absorption Ratio (SAR) introduction


BTF Testing Lab Specific Absorption Ratio (SAR) introduction

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Specific Absorption Ratio (SAR) refers to the electromagnetic radiation energy absorbed by a unit mass of matter per unit time. Internationally, the SAR value is usually used to measure the thermal effect of terminal radiation. The specific absorption rate, averaged over any 6-minute period, is the amount of electromagnetic radiation energy (watts) absorbed per kilogram of human tissue. Taking mobile phone radiation as an example, SAR refers to the ratio of radiation absorbed by the soft tissues of the head. The lower the SAR value, the less radiation is absorbed by the brain. However, this does not mean that the SAR level is directly related to the health of mobile phone users. . In layman’s terms, the specific absorption rate is a measure of the impact of mobile phone radiation on the human body. At present, there are two international standards, one is the European standard 2w/kg, and the other is the American standard 1.6w/kg. The specific meaning is that, taking 6 minutes as the time, the electromagnetic radiation energy absorbed by each kilogram of human tissue shall not exceed 2 watt.

BTF successfully introduced the MVG (formerly SATIMO) SAR test system, which is an upgraded version based on the original SAR system and meets the latest standards and future international standards. The SAR test system has the characteristics of fast test speed and high equipment stability. It is also the most widely used and widely recognized SAR test system in international laboratories. The system can perform SAR testing for GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, walkie-talkie, LTE and WLAN products.

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The following criteria are met

● YD/T 1644

● EN 50360

● EN 50566

● IEC 62209

● IEEE Std 1528

● FCC OET Bulletin 65


● AS/NZS 2772.1; 62311; RSS-102

and other multi-national SAR testing requirements

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