CE certification

CE certification

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CE is a legally mandatory marking in the EU market, and all products covered by the directive must comply with the requirements of the relevant directive, otherwise they cannot be sold in the EU. If products that do not meet the requirements of EU directives are found in the market, manufacturers or distributors should be ordered to take them back from the market. Those who continue to violate relevant directive requirements will be restricted or prohibited from entering the EU market or forcibly required to be delisted.

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The CE mark is a mandatory safety mark proposed by EU law for products. It is an abbreviation of “Conformite Europeenne” in French. All products that meet the basic requirements of EU directives and have undergone appropriate conformity assessment procedures can be affixed with the CE mark. The CE mark is a passport for products to enter the European market, which is a conformity assessment for specific products, focusing on the safety characteristics of the products. It is a conformity assessment that reflects the product’s requirements for public safety, health, environment, and personal safety.

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