BTF Testing Battery Laboratory introduction


BTF Testing Battery Laboratory introduction

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The BTF Battery Laboratory was established in July 2021, and its main five categories of activities include digital batteries, mobile power supplies, energy storage batteries, energy storage power supplies, small power batteries, and BMS systems. The service application fields include: digital products, electric tools, electric toys, electric bicycles, electric balance vehicles, emergency power supplies, USP, new energy vehicles, electric energy storage systems, communication base station applications, etc. The main types of testing services include electrical performance testing, safety testing, mechanical testing, environmental simulation testing, reliability testing, electronic component testing, chemical analysis, etc. The main international certifications cover: China (GB, Taiwan BSMI series), International (IEC series), International (ISO series), European Union (EN series), United States (UL series), South Korea (KC series), Japan (PSE series)

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The main service standards cover: air transportation certification (UN38.3, IEC62281), CB certification (IEC62133, IEC62619, IEC62620), UL certification (UL1642, UL62133, UL2054, UL2056, UL2271, UL1973, UL2580), CCC certification (GB31241, GB4943, etc.), energy storage power (GB38031-2020, GB/T 36972-2018, GB/T 36672-2018, GB/T 36276-2018) and other services

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The new energy laboratory is equipped with advanced testing instruments: constant temperature and humidity chamber, external short circuit tester, battery testing system (20V, 20A, can support parallel 8-channel), low pressure testing machine, convex extrusion testing machine, thermal shock testing machine, Agilent temperature tester, etc.

The new energy laboratory has currently obtained qualifications such as CNAS accreditation certificate, CMA inspection and testing accreditation certificate, DGM authorized accreditation laboratory, VCCI authorized laboratory, TUV Rheinland PTL, UA authorized laboratory, UL recognized accreditation laboratory in the United States, CQC authorized cooperative laboratory, A2LA recognized laboratory in the United States, etc.

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After years of development, the laboratory has advanced testing equipment and a professional technical engineering team, which can correctly interpret the certification and standard requirements of various countries, and provide customers with more professional and high-quality testing and certification services according to the relevant national standards and requirements.

We cherish every opportunity to discuss with you and sincerely welcome you to visit BTF to witness our motto: customized service, high-quality service.

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