BTF China Taiwan testing certification project introduction

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BTF China Taiwan testing certification project introduction

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Taiwan Standards and Inspection Bureau (BSMI) is an official agency under the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. It conducts commodity inspection and certification in accordance with the “Commodity Inspection Law” (mandatory requirements) and the “Standard Law” (voluntary requirements). All commodities covered by the “Commodity Inspection Law” must pass the inspection and certification before they can enter the Taiwan market.

In Taiwan, energy efficiency testing is not an independent certification part, which belongs to BSMI control, and the current refrigerator energy efficiency rating must meet level 4 before applying for BSMI (mandatory); The energy efficiency level of the refrigerator must meet the level above to apply for the energy saving label (not mandatory); Non-piped air conditioners, gas stoves also have energy efficiency requirements.

The BSMI and energy efficiency test holders are local legitimate companies in Taiwan, and other regional manufacturers can apply through Taiwan dealers.

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BSMI authentication

BSMI stands for "Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection" of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan. According to the announcement of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, from July 1, 2005, products entering the Taiwan area should implement electromagnetic compatibility and safety supervision in two aspects.

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NCC certification

NCC is short for The National Communications Commission, which regulates the communication and information equipment in circulation and use in the

Taiwan market:

1. LPE: Low Power Equipment (such as Bluetooth, WIFI equipment);

2. TTE: Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (such as mobile phones and tablet devices).

Product Range

1. Low power RF motors operating at 9kHz to 300GHz, such as: Wireless network (WLAN) products (including IEEE 802.11a/b/g), UNII, Bluetooth products, RFID, ZigBee, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless headset microphone, radio walkie-talkie, radio remote control toys, all kinds of radio remote control, all kinds of wireless anti-theft devices, etc.

2. Public switched telephone network equipment (PSTN) products, such as wired telephones (including VOIP network phones), automatic alarm equipment, telephone answering machines, fax machines, remote control devices, wired telephone wireless master and secondary units, key telephone systems, data equipment (including ADSL equipment), incoming call display terminal equipment, 2.4GHz radio frequency telecommunication terminal equipment, etc.

3. Land mobile communication network equipment (PLMN) products, such as wireless broadband access mobile station equipment (WiMAX mobile terminal equipment), GSM 900/DCS 1800 mobile telephone and terminal equipment (2G mobile phones), third generation mobile communication terminal equipment (3G mobile phones), etc.

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