USA FCC certification and testing services


USA FCC certification and testing services

USA FCC certification

FCC certification is mandatory and a fundamental threshold for market access in the United States. It not only helps to ensure product compliance and safety, but also enhances consumer trust in the product, thereby enhancing the brand value and market competitiveness of the enterprise.

1. What is FCC certification?

The full name of FCC is Federal Communications Commission. The FCC coordinates domestic and international communication by controlling radio broadcasting, television, telecommunications, satellites, and cables. The FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology is responsible for providing technical support to the committee, as well as equipment certification, to ensure the safety of wireless and wired communication products related to life and property in over 50 states, Colombia, and the United States. Many wireless application products, communication products, and digital products (operating at frequencies between 9KHz-3000GHz) require FCC approval to enter the US market.

2.What are the types of FCC certification?

FCC certification mainly involves two types of certification:

FCC SDoC certification: suitable for ordinary electronic products without wireless transmission function, such as televisions, audio systems, etc.

FCC ID certification: specifically designed for wireless communication devices such as mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.


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3.What documents are required for FCC certification?

● FCC ID Label

● FCC ID Label Location

● User Manual

● Schematic Diagram

● Block Diagram

● Theory of Operation

● Test Report

● External Photos

● Internal Photos

● Test Setup Photos

4. FCC certification application process in the United States:

① Customer submits application form to our company

② The customer is preparing to test samples (wireless products require a fixed frequency machine) and providing product information (see information requirements);

③ After passing the test, our company will issue a draft report, which will be confirmed by the customer and a formal report will be issued;

④ If it is FCC SDoC, the project is completed; If applying for FCC ID, submit a report and technical information to TCB;

⑤ TCB review is completed and FCC ID certificate is issued. The testing agency sends a formal report and FCC ID certificate;

⑥After obtaining FCC certification, enterprises can attach the FCC logo to their equipment. RF and wireless technology products need to be labeled with FCC ID codes.

Note: For manufacturers applying for FCC ID certification for the first time, they need to register with FCC FRN and establish a company file for the application. The certificate issued after TCB review will have the FCC ID number, which is usually composed of "Grantee code" and "Product code".

5. Cycle required for FCC certification

At present, FCC certification mainly tests product radiation, conduction, and other contents.

FCC SDoC: 5-7 working days to complete testing

FCC I: testing completed within 10-15 working days

6. Does FCC certification have a validity period?

FCC certification does not have a mandatory useful time limit and can generally remain valid. However, in the following situations, the product needs to be re certified or the certificate needs to be updated:

① The instructions used during previous authentication have been replaced by new instructions

② Serious modifications made to certified products

③ After the product entered the market, there were security issues and the certificate was officially cancelled.


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