The United States issued new rules for the use of FCC labels


The United States issued new rules for the use of FCC labels

On November 2, 2023, the FCC officially issued a new rule for the use of FCC labels, "v09r02 Guidelines for KDB 784748 D01 Universal Labels," replacing the previous "v09r01 Guidelines for KDB 784748 D01 Marks Part 15&18."

1.Major updates to the FCC Label Use rules:

Section 2.5 adds instructions on specific steps to obtain an FCC label and the Note 12 clarifies the differences between the label on the website and the FCC label displayed in 47 CFR Rule 2.1074.


There are subtle stylistic differences between the FCC logo pattern on the website and the logo displayed in 47 CFR 2.1074. Either version of Figure 1 and Figure 2 can be used in conjunction with the SDoC device authorization program.


Figure 1:47 FCC label displayed in CFR Rule 2.1074 (F is right Angle)


Figure 2: FCC logo design on the website

2.The new FCC label use rules:

FCC labels can only be used on products that have been tested, evaluated, and comply with SDoC procedures. The use of the FCC label on the device must be accompanied by a unique method of identifying the product or a statement of compliance information, and the FCC label cannot be used on products that are exempt from the rule authorization unless the SDoC procedure has been fully applied to the product (such as exempted devices in Section 15.103 or incidental radiators in Section 15.3).

3.The new version of the FCC Logo download link:

For SDoC compliance of the FCC label pattern can be obtained from the website, including black, blue, and white label.


4.FCC entity label:

Products that receive FCC certification must carry a nameplate or label that defines an FCC Identification number (FCC ID) in Section 2.925.
The FCC ID entity label must be attached to the surface of the product or in a non-detachable compartment accessible to the user (such as a battery compartment).
The label must be permanently attached to enable accurate identification of the device; The font must be legible and consistent with the dimensions of the device and its label area.
When the device is too small or versatile to use a four-point font or larger (and the device does not use an electronic label), the FCC ID should be placed in the user manual. The FCC ID should also be placed on the device packaging or on the device's removable label.

5.FCC Electronic Label:

Products with built-in displays, or products used in electronic displays, can choose to display various types of information displayed on entity labels such as FCC identifiers, warning statements, and commission rule requirements.
Some RF devices also require information to be labeled in the device packaging, and devices that electronically display the FCC ID, warning statement, or other information (such as the model number) must also be labeled with the FCC ID and other information on the device or its packaging in order to identify whether the device meets the FCC's equipment authorization requirements when imported, marketed, and sold. This requirement is in addition to the electronic label of the device.
The equipment can be affixed/printed labels on packaging, protective bags, and similar ways. Any removable label must be able to be used properly during shipping and handling and can only be removed by the customer after purchase.
In addition, signal booster products need to be marked on the online promotional materials, online user manuals, offline printed materials, installation instructions, equipment packaging and equipment labels.

6.Precautions for using FCC Logo:

1.FCC Logo is only applicable to SDOC products, there is no mandatory requirement. FCC Logo is voluntary, according to FCC regulation 2.1074, under the FCC SDoC certification process, customers can voluntarily choose to use FCC Logo, no longer mandatory.

2.For FCC SDoC, the responsible party is required to provide a declaration document before selling. The responsible party needs to be a manufacturer, assembly plant, importer, retailer or licensor. The FCC has made the following provisions for the responsible party:
1) The responsible party must be a local U.S. company;
2) The responsible party must be able to provide products, test reports, corresponding records, etc. when sampling the FCC market to ensure that the products comply with FCC SDoC procedures;
3) The responsible party shall add the declaration of conformity document to the attached document of the equipment.

3. Regarding the declaration document, it is required to ship and sell together with the product. According to FCC Regulation 2.1077, the declaration document shall contain the following:
1) Product information: such as product name, model, etc.;
2) FCC compliance warnings: Due to different products, warnings are also different;
3) Information of the responsible party in the United States: company name, address, contact phone number or Internet contact information;


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