New EU standard for household appliance safety has been officially published


New EU standard for household appliance safety has been officially published

The new EU home appliance safety standard EN IEC 60335-1:2023 was officially published on December 22, 2023, with the DOP release date being November 22, 2024. This standard covers the technical requirements for many of the latest home appliance products.

EN IEC 60335-1
Since the release of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 60335-1:2020, the corresponding version of the European Union has not been released. This update marks the official landing of IEC 60335-1:2020 in the European Union, with a significant update compared to previous versions, introducing the latest technical concepts and product testing requirements in a targeted manner.
The EN IEC 60335-1:2023,EN IEC 60335-1:2023/A11:2023 update is as follows:

• Clarified requirements for PELV circuits;
• Clarification of requirements on measurement of power input and rated current when they vary throughout the operating cycle;
• Replaced normative Annex S with the informative Annex S "Guidance for the application of this standard on measurement of power input and current based on the requirements of 10.1 and 10.2 Concerning the representative period";
• Introduced and clarified mechanical strength requirements for appliances with integral pins for insertion into socket-outlets;
• Revised requirements for battery-operated appliances;
• Introduced requirements for metal-ion batteries including a new Clause 12 Charging of metal-ion batteries;
Previously, this chapter was left blank in the old version, with only a reserved chapter number. This update includes requirements for metal ion batteries, which will have a profound impact. The testing requirements for such batteries will also be correspondingly stricter.
• Introduced the application of test probe 18;
• Introduced requirements for appliances incorporating appliance outlets and socket-outlets accessible to the user;
• Revised and clarified requirements for appliances incorporating a functional earth;
• Introduced moisture resistance test requirements for appliances that incorporate an automatic cord reel and that have a second numeral IP rating;
• Clarified the appliance test criteria for the moisture resistance for appliances and parts of appliances with integral pins for insertion into socket-outlets;
• Introduced limits on the output voltage of an accessible safety extra-low voltage outlet or connector or Universal Serial Bus (USB) under abnormal operation conditions;
• Introduced requirements to cover optical radiation hazards;
• Introduced external communication software management items into normative Annex R;
• Revised external communication requirements in Table R.1 and Table R.2;
• Introduced in new normative Annex U cyber security requirements to avoid unauthorized access and the Eff

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